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The Transformers Mod

.:: Staff ::.

Here are the hard working individuals who are making this mod possible.

Name/Alias: BumbleBee
Position: Founder, Administrator
Skills: Webmaster, Mapping, Coding, Modeling
Favorite Transformer: StarScream
Hobbies: Web development, coding, and Battlefield

Name/Alias: Blackermoon
Position: Lead Coder, Administrator
Skills: Coder, mapper
Favorite Transformer: No special favo one
Hobbies: BF1942 and mods, sage of ryzom, badminton, LOTR top table game

Name/Alias: Dnamro
Position: AI Coder, Administrator
Skills: AI coding
Favorite Transformer: None
Hobbies: Modding

Name/Alias: Marko
Position: Voice Actor
Favorite Transformer: Hot Rod
Hobbies: Drawing - acting - comics

Name/Alias: B.F.
Position: Modeler
Skills: 3d Modeling, Unwrap Models
Favorite Transformer: TF Victory StarSaber and DesZarak , SuperLink LaserWave
Hobbies: Fansubbing and 3D modelling

Name/Alias: Neil - mega_monsta
Position: Video Editor
Favorite Transformer: Grimlock
Hobbies: BMX

Name/Alias: RodFlanders
Skills: (Modeling Static Structures)
Favorite Transformer: Hotrod
Hobbies: Drums, 3D Modeling

Name/Alias: Christopher aka Crimson_Raptor
Position: Coder, modeler
Skills: A bit of everything
Favorite Transformer: Autobot - Ultra Magnus/Metroplex/Omega Supreme Decepticon - Shockwave/Starscream/Soundwave
Hobbies: Battlefield 1942, BF2 & BF2142, Armed Assault, Company of Heroes, etc. Drawing/sketching. Women, the Terminator, Dinosaurs, etc. Robotech, hmm, many many more.

Name/Alias: Bongo
Position: Coder
Skills: Coding
Favorite Transformer:

Name: Unreal Transformers (UTF) Mod
The entire staff of the UTF branch of Modicon Studios has helped our mod tremendously. If you own Unreal Tournament we highly recommend you check out their mod.

.:: Inactive Staff ::.

These are members who have contributed to this mod, but are currently inactive.

Name/Alias: Elektroscience
Position: Lead Modeler
Skills: modeling, coding, exporting
Favorite Transformer: no favourite
Hobbies: 3d art, drawing, dj’ing, fishing

Name/Alias: Fr-1-day
Position: Mapper
Skills: Mapping
Favorite Transformer: Soundwave & Cassettes (Ravage & Laserbeak are my fav's)
Hobbies: Staying young at heart, reliving the 80's through my kids, graphics and art...oh and of course level design!

Name/Alias: Privatetank
Position: Recruiter & Documentation Assistant
Skills: Recruiting and assisting in documentation
Favorite Transformer: Tidal Wave
Hobbies: Cars, Old School Gaming, Skateboarding

Name/Alias: Jeremy Abbott/Mooseakolopsatron
Skills: Concept/model art and video editing
Favorite Transformer: Optimus Prime
Hobbies: Filming, video editing, hockey, gaming
Status: Former Member

Name/Alias: TBK
Position: Recruiter, News Poster, Moderator
Favorite Transformer: Transformer: Grimlock
Hobbies: Playing games, working on webpages.

.:: Former Staff ::.

These are members who have contributed to this mod, but are no longer with the team.

Name/Alias: Chewbode
Skills: Modeling
Favorite Transformer: Wheeljack
Hobbies: Software development, Guitar, 3D animation

Name/Alias: Synic
Skills: Modeling and hard thinking
Favorite Transformer: Soundwave
Hobbies: Gaming, movies, playing drums
Status: Former Member

Name/Alias: Asaf Angrest/Genom
Skills: Modeling, Movie Editor and Coder
Favorite Transformer: Bruticus
Hobbies: Competitive Bodybuilding, Basketball and Computers
Status: Inactive

Name/Alias: Dan B. Smith/Soundwave
Skills: Sound, Music, Optimisim
Favorite Transformer: Soundwave
Hobbies: Gaming, movies, DJing

Name/Alias: Brayden/Dingo
Skills: Forum moderator
Favorite Transformer: Sideways
Hobbies: Rugby, Aussie rules football, soccer, cricket, basically all sports

Name/Alias: Aashh/Paul Papp
Skills: Charactor Vocies, may take a crack at making a lvl if given a chance
Favorite Transformer: Starscream
Hobbies: MMORPG's and other computer games, my dog, Sleeping
Status: Former Member

Name/Alias: Bart Van de Kerkhove/Beefcake
Skills: modelling
Favorite Transformer: Metroplex
Hobbies: Modelling, gaming, listening to music

Name/Alias: 6-volt
Skills: Skinner / Modeler
Favorite Transformer: Omega Supreme
Hobbies: I make and manipulate music and art.

Name/Alias: Steve or LiquidSilvA
Position: Modeler
Skills: 3d Modeling
Favorite Transformer: Grimlock
Hobbies: PC & PS2 online gaming, 3d modelling,

Name/Alias: franchise
Position: UVW Skinner / Modeler
Email: or
Skills: UVW Skinning, 3d Modeling
Favorite Transformer: Skyfire / Jetfire
Hobbies: anything computerized especially 3d, massage therapy, and yoga.(need to relax and stretch after all that computing/modelling)

Name/Alias: Razer
Position: UVW Skinner
Skills: Skinner, 2D/3D work
Favorite Transformer: Sideswipe
Hobbies: 2D/3D work , R/C planes and cars

Name/Alias: Phoenix
Position: Mapper
Favorite Transformer: Starscream
Hobbies: Modding Battlefield