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.:: Storyline ::.

The Secret Search

Written By: Marko

The year is 1942

The Autobots and the Decepticons are still lying dead after their horrific crash. As the war within Cybertron continues, Autobots, and ally Cybertronians are being blown up left right and centre. Ultra Magnus, Kup, Hotrod, Springer, Arcee, Blur, Perceptor and the rest of the leading Autobot members have yet to arrive back to Cybertron, for they are on a cargo mission.

Due to the increased loss of Autobots, Alpha Trion realises that as long as the leadership of Optimus Prime and the fighting spirit of his troops are out of commission, then there is no way the Autobots can triumph over the Decepticons. So a search team of everyday ordinary remaining civilian robots are formed and converted into Autobots codenamed the ‘Ranger bots’ to go and find the lost Autobots. However they do not know where the Autobots ended up. But when Ultra Magnus and the rest of the Autobots on cargo duty arrive they mention that they saw two ships heading for Earth, but no one could pinpoint their exact location. In spite of this, Ultra Magnus states that a team of Autobots should be formed to retrieve their allies but Alpha Trion insists that the upgraded Autobots are to stay on Cybertron to strengthen their weakened force.

As planned, the ‘Ranger bots’ scramble on board they’re remaining working ship and head for Earth. But meanwhile, little do they know that Shockwave has latched on to their plot, and sends five of his own to Earth called the ‘Riptercons’, not just to revive their Decepticon allies, but also to irradiate the already fallen Autobots permanently.

Now without them knowing, the ‘Ranger bots’ are in a position where they are competing against time to find their allies, revive them and get back to Cybertron before the ‘Riptercons’ get there first. And, during a second world war on Earth its not going to be an easy journey.